Nowadays it is easy to just use Google to find common information. So that everyone can look like a pro on almost any subject. But what about the information that belongs to an organization… That information is too often stored in peoples personal email inboxes. And some people are experts on making themselves the gatekeepers on such information: I believe every one of us knows this kind of a person: “You need to ask me and I might give you that information from my inbox”.

Not efficient at all. New employees can’t learn history easily. And nobody can’t easily fill-in other people as even the current status of tasks is in peoples inboxes.

Yes, there are tools for task management, open communication, and tools for specific processes such as HR, CRM, project management, and so on. But do you really want to have all these tools? So that people are confused about where to store all the information.

Hailer solves these problems. Organization’s processes are modeled in Hailer, and all the information is:

  • Stored
  • Maintained
  • Communicated
  • And informed in and from one place

There’s a place for HR related things, the place for CRM, the place for any process you might have. Every task, item, asset, or whatever you might have, has it’s own discussion channel available. So that people can participate, ask questions, and informing about what is important for them. There’s a Feed that collects the most important activities in one place. And there’s a People directory from where you can find relevant information about the people on your network.

Make your organization’s information available to everyone. No more gatekeepers who block other people from doing their work.