The goal of knowledge management is to improve the overall set of organizational capabilities. Through better use of individual and collective knowledge resources. There are many classifications for sorting different types of knowledge. The main principle could be – at the end of the day most of the knowledge of any company will walk out of the door (even 80%!). It is an intellectual asset. It appears in individuals, documents, processes and social relationships. Knowledge can be really solid, structured and explicit, or highly intangible such as perception, intuition, and rules of thumb. When this valuable knowledge is effectively managed in all its forms. It will influence positively in overall performance, quality and employee engagement.

Even if the first thought concerning knowledge management often could be efficient databases, portals, and team sites. The important fact is not to forget the “soft” side; knowledge work does not grow naturally. To succeed in creating and sustaining a collaborative environment requires more than just functional IT. It requires a shared purpose, where each member of the group contribute and are respected and valued for their input.

The cultural characteristics that support knowledge management are the same ones that form a strong organizational culture, for example:
  • Frequency of interactions
  • Collective responsibility of problem-solving
  • Orientation to existing knowledge and expertise
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Teaching
  • Learning from mistakes

Hailer is a new type of business process management tool, that combines the most functional features of traditional BPM tools, collaboration platforms, and social media. Relevant work knowledge is available in one application. It ties the communication and right people to the activities and processes. Knowledge flow does not stop at someone’s inbox. It enables custom reporting for informed decision-making. Then to get the most out of this “hard” knowledge. Hailer offers a social feed for less formal communication and peer support. It gives also an excellent possibility to build a shared purpose. And give recognition of successfully closed activities to colleagues in all levels of the organization!