Pobi is a Finnish circular economy project during 2015-2017. Aiming to help of companies and organizations in Eastern Uusimaa in Finland. Create a world-class industry park on the basis of the vision and planning of circular economy within petrochemical and bio-industrial value chains.

A part of the project consisted of an interview and analysis. And the phase of the material and energy flows, balances of 20 companies and organizations participating in the Pobi project. The project management group faced the dilemma on how to communicate and collect information within the project group. As the group consisted of participants from several different companies. And the combination of email and Excel was the only platform what supporting each participant in the organization.

The project manager decided that Hailer would suit their needs. And together we created their own Hailer-network for the project where materials came from:
  • Interviews
  • Analysis processes
  • And in conclusions

The project group members then used the Hailer messenger to communicate. About scheduling, findings of the study, and other information that was essential for the project. Hailer makes sure that information and communication go in the right context. While the project group members could access the information with any browser and phone applications. Hence eliminating the issue of finding a common platform.

Because the balances related to the tasks will be completed in early 2017. An idea for the future is to build a marketplace in the Pobi Hailer-network where the 20 participating companies. That can trade their commodities ensuring the efficient use of resources in the region. Hailer will provide a channel for the company members to communicate and ensure a secure platform. Hence eliminating the need for sending emails and quote sheets back and forth between companies.