Nowadays everywhere you turn, whether it’s social media or talking heads, people talk about how they love what they do and it gives them such a purpose that it doesn’t even feel like work. That’s cool and all but is it really that simple?

During my studies, I worked a number of different “blue collar” jobs where my only motivation was money. I didn’t get a bigger sense of purpose in serving french fries or making sure flight XXXXX had the right amount of dead load cargo onboard. Although my working moral didn’t allow for not doing my best in each situation. The only motivation back the was money, and the best part of the day was when I punched out from work. And was able to do more fulfilling things with my time.

What’s wrong with that? We all have different motivation with our own time and get satisfaction from a number of different things. A lot of 9 to 5 or graveyard shift workers get by with the sole purpose of saving up for family vacations, getting that new luxury watch or simply having time to attend to their children’s hobbies. In the end, we all have exactly 24 hours a day to use for each of our own preferences. The people who don’t like their jobs use their energy on things that they enjoy more.

Luckily, Hailer is not all about helping you achieve things related to work. People use Hailer for hobbies such as hockey, watch collecting, car databases, house building projects, and charity. And that’s the things that really matter.