Digitizing company functions - How to create scalable digital office? Case Weare:

Weare Solutions’ core business areas are Business Driven software development, Identity and Access Management, Project Management, DevSecOps and they have our own Service Center for supporting solutions we created. In everyday life that means that they run lean teams and projects, create applications, host them, ensure apps are secure and finally their support services ensure that applications maintain as they were created and get new features if needed.

Henri Vass from Weare:

"As a company we really believe in long term relationships, openness and quality, because we believe that’s how customers can get a real advantage in the market. We want to break, together with customers, the norms in the market they operate in. 

We also believe that all projects need an all-star-team and people outside our core business, so for big projects we help customers to gather the network of needed experts and ensure they follow the same norms as us and the customer. True lean teams without any company borders where WeAre, partners and customer function as one team."

Weare Solutions did not want to use many different systems (they already do that for their customers 😉). The idea was to digize their processes; to create functional office without paper or .docx documents Managing and leading people, processes and projects becomes easier. All communication, files, details and people are in correct context.

Weare uses Hailer for multiple functions. The list is impressive: 

  • HR
  • Internal communication
  • Sales / CRM from lead to continuous services provided by us
  • Company calendar
  • Lunch vouchers distribution
  • Work hours tracking
  • asset register (laptops, mobile, MTBs, offices etc. )
  • Kilometres per diem
  • Own expenses 
  • Contact bookkeeping
  • Task lists for owners and employees
  • Chat channels that are independent
  • Chat channels related to all above processes
     -every activity created in process creates a chat channel
  • Calendar events in company calendar also create automatically chat channels where we discuss event details, logistics and many other things.
  • And a lot more..


Hailer is a great tool for a growing company:

"We have been using a lot of different systems and we also use some of our customers similar systems.. To mention a few: Jira, Confluence, Trello, Teams, Slack and the list goes on.. But Hailer brings the communication in a natural way to our core processes and activities related to the processes. It really ideal for a company like us that was first 4 people and now has grown to 30 people..

customer quote_weare_henri

Hailer has been the correct platform for us all the way and also will be in the future. Other similar companies I know have their processes and discussions scattered in different applications and platforms"

The most significant benefit for Weare is that everything is in one place!

Says Henri from Weare. 


Get to know Weare Solutions: https://www.weare.fi/


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