Employees all over the world need to embrace new skills to keep up with digital development. This sets up quite a challenge for employers. User adoption is a major part of any digital implementation projects and only part of the workforce is representing the digital native generations. Being confident in using daily tools makes a significant impact on the overall work motivation. Even in more traditional industries, digital know-how is becoming more and more important.  

Last year Google’s philanthropic organization Google.org and SAK the largest labour confederation in Finland published joint research which outlined proposals for a society of continuous learning. 

The program was named as FutureFit and its main purpose is to empower workers with new skills that help them to adapt to the arising challenges and changes in their workplaces. 

FutureFit is rolled out in five different countries. And for example, only in Finland in 30-35 workplaces. These companies are from industrial, service and logistics sectors. The practical training consists of two-four day training. In addition to training the workers, FutureFit collects evidence about what effects motivation and learning behaviour. They use innovative teaching methods which include gamification, nano learning and machine learning tools. Read more about FutureFit Program.

FutureFit Finland organization is using Hailer to coordinate tasks and plan the project. The modular process management was fast to implement and easy to take into use. The simple and effective task management frees up time for more value-adding activities. Also, internal communication is managed on the same platform. This way the project communication stays always in the right context. 

Hailer for project management

Hailer is a simple, but powerful project management tool. It is fully adaptable to manage any project and requires zero coding skills to customize, making it a great solution for both existing processes and future unknowns. Hailer allows you to invite and involve all relevant people in your processes, including external partners, making your communication focused and effective. You can create your own network with few clicks. 

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