Oil spills are on average many times cheaper to clean up offshore than shoreline cleanup. This is the prime reason why the margin for error in Lamors project management is extremely small. Communication and project management needs to work seamlessly across all continents and timezones. In other words, Lamor never sleeps and balls can never get dropped. Instead, a smooth transition from people to people or team to team is a part of the day to day operation. Effective project communication ensures this.

The global set up

Lamor provides expertise with solutions that protect the environment and the ecosystem. They have sold oils spill response equipment to 120 countries. In addition, the company operates a manufacturing network in Europe, Asia as well as South- and North America. On top of this, a set of consultants and partners participate in projects whenever they are needed. The network includes experts in various fields such as firefighters. The geographical challenges are topped up with various cultures taking part in the projects on all levels.

All projects include prework, planning, legal and commercial know-how, financial engineering project management skills, logistics know-how, practical arrangements assembly, training and much more.

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Simplicity is the key to effective project communication

In order to get everything to work, Lamor has developed Hailer. A project management platform that is designed so that everyone can use it. Over the years the Hailer has become the primary tool where Lamor operates all from sales to project and product management. In addition to the project management Lamor also runs its entire management system on Hailer, including decision making all the way up to the board of directors.

Despite the wide usage of Hailer in Lamor, the fundamental philosophy is still at the core of how Lamor wants to run projects. Information flow is more important than perfection. The simple project management app supports Lamor in its core business. 

On-boarding new project team members in constant change

There are still constant changes and that is why it is important that everyone and everything is always online. A single team member is left out of the loop creates a single point of failure that can be crucial for the success or failure of the project. This is why it is extremely important that it is easy to onboard new project team members without hands-on training. 

Onboarding new people to Hailer is as easy as sending a message and being on-boarded is as easy as receiving an instant message. After the people are in they become part of the ecosystem where people help each other to become more advanced Hailer users, but more importantly, they add more value to the project.

People + Process = Communication

Project management is all about processing things in an organised matter. Most of the things that need to get done are relatively simple, but the sequence of things and the involvement of several people who all need to do the things can make an easy task extremely time-consuming. This is why the process of the project with all data needs to be accessible at all times and changes need to be made visible to all involved. 

The most important details are usually soft or on other words things that can not be modelled into a system. For example, no enterprise system has a logical way of informing whether the customer is in a good mood or homesick the moment that your delivery needs to take place. This is where effective project communication comes in. Communication in context to be more exact. 

In Hailer, the project communication follows the same process pipeline in each project. The system keeps the project communication plan attached to the actual process. When all communication is in context and live, it means that all people are up to speed on what needs to happen next and this is key in all projects that have little room for error. 

"Hailer has really redefined the way we think of business processes. The old-fashioned ERP systems tend to define how companies run their business, but with Hailer we have managed to define what data the ERP system should provide us with for us to make the right decisions at the right time. In addition, we have managed to make our business more exportable, and thus scalable, by getting our global team to work for a project in a more organised manner. The right information in the right context is the key to our future success." -Says Mika Pirneskoski, CEO Lamor Corporation

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