Honkatalot is a Finnish family-owned company. Where the know-how of wood processing has been in four generations for over a hundred years. The company manufactures each home individually in Finland with the most progressed woodworking technology available. Honkatalot was founded in 1907 and their team includes 70 professionals. And additional sales network. 

Earlier Honkatalot faced the common issue of having their information spread out between different systems. Which made it challenging to know which information was most up-to-date and how to get the project pipeline to work seamlessly.

The project related information flows between different teams 

  • Sales team
  • Marketing
  • External designers
  • Production team


With Hailer, the management team sees the big picture easily. And the project team members can find the relevant project information in one place. Simply put, the whole process from lead to after-sales service can be managed in one place. Especially when different people work on different parts of the project at each given time. The customer projects are managed from lead to delivery in one platform. The tailored simple CRM in Hailer is intuitive to use and all project related communication sticks to right context. 

The biggest benefit is collecting all information (files, discussions, people) related to a case in one place. In addition, the management team can use Hailer to inform the employees about:

  • Interesting news
  • Post company updates
  • And also share pictures from housing fairs

Hailer is closely collaborating with Honkatalot in the future. Hence exchanging information about future feature needs and the development roadmap to keep both parties in the loop of what’s going on. Honkatalot recommends Hailer for anyone managing projects. With more than one people as part of the team, as “it is a very effective project management tool”.


Visit the Honkatalot website to find out more about their awesome homes.