Team Rynkeby is a well-known charitable organization in Europe. Every year teams from different countries raise money for seriously ill children. The main event takes place in July when the teams cycle 1200 kilometres to Paris from different locations.

Rynkeby Foods is the main sponsor of the team. They also handle the general administration of the projects. In 2018 Team Rynkeby donated 9.4 million euros to organizations that help children with critical illnesses.

The participants are obliged to train and involve in fundraising. This way the Team Rynkeby makes sure that all are dedicated to the common cause. Cyclists pay their own costs and 100% of the donated funds are donated to charity. Before the 1.200 km Tour De Paris, the cyclists need to complete 2.500 km cycle training. This will make sure that they are fit enough and able to cycle safely the 1.200 km tour. 

Jaakko Nieminen from Hailer was part of the 2019 team. He says ”The year was very insightful. I learned how to cycle with a team and got many new friends. The whole experience was awesome, and the charity work makes the training even more motivating". Also, Hailer's Tuomas Metsälä participated in Espoo’s Team Rynkeby. 


So in addition to the intensive training, the team members participate in the fundraising by contacting companies and other organizations. Everyone is required to work for the mutual cause. The participants can also have other roles, such as communication specialist, bicycle repair, film producer and so on. The team consists of 2.100 cyclist and 500 other volunteers. 

Earlier Team Rynkeby Finland managed the fundraising in Excel-sheets. Managing these efforts of over 2.000 persons is clearly a challenge of its own. Hailer offered to donate project management software to the team. The fundraising process was modelled to Hailer modules and currently, the team members add new potential sponsors via web-form. This makes it easier for the responsible person to manage the different stages more effectively. In Finland, these are Sylva Ry and Aamu Foundation.


Hailer for non-profit organizations 

Hailer is a perfect tool for non-profit organizations. The modules are easy to customize without coding skills. It is intuitive to use and onboarding members is effortless. All messages about events and sponsors stay in the right context. 

Many non-profit organizations have the same problems as companies, but with few resources. Communication is scattered and data is hard to find. Softwares are often planned for the needs of big companies. They are unnecessarily complex and pricey. In Hailer, non-profit organizations can tailor the system according to their needs. Flexible calendar features and process management modules keep tasks, events and communication in the context. No flooded e-mails! Even the board work and meeting minutes can be administrated in the same tool. 


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