You probably recognize the phrase “why wasn’t I informed!!??”. Quite common in organizations where there is more than one person working. Some even say it can happen in one person teams as well.

We believe that there are four types of information flows:
1. Anyone should be able to browse current and past activities
2. The organization wants to inform people of important things
3. Anyone should be able to get notifications on events what’s on her/his personal interest radar
4. Activities that you work, should get special attention

Hailer has a built-in information sharing and it can be done in four different levels:

Level 1:

Activities are categorized in Hailer as required by the business. This also means that people can easily browse all activities as they look familiar right from the beginning. People can find all the information, and if needed they can deep dive into the details and participate whenever needed.

Level 2:

Organisation decides which actions of different activities are published in the Feed for everybody: for example, new hires are announced and welcomed automatically, closed deals are published at the same moment as the sales manager closes the deal, and new open discussion channels are published for everybody to join.

Level 3:

Everyone can mark actions made by others so that she/he gets a notification every time something interesting happens. Thus actions like new recruit candidate added to the system, new lead added, or new marketing event added are notified to you right away.

Level 4:

At My Focus; You are part of those activities that you either are working on actively or are monitoring closely. From these activities you get all the messages right into your “My Focus”, thus you can react quickly and make sure things are progressing the correct way. And whenever your job is done, you can leave the activity, and the rest of the team can continue the work, and you can focus on the next thing.

Less Bottlenecks. More Focus.