Is your intranet a static web-page with the latest update from several months ago? If you have some news to share, is it easier to send an email to everybody than share it in your intranet? And then starts the everlasting mail-discussion…

What if your intranet could be an interactive platform with corporate social media features? It attracts people to discuss and share information. What if the platform automatically shares information about predefined events, such as new hires or new customers?

Hailer is used as a platform to share both static and interactive information, to gather people into one place, to process business-related activities, to share after work discussions, and to publish important information to the right people without delays.

You can achieve everything this with Hailer's features in the following way:

A: There is a module where you can share static information, for example, instructions on the organization’s tools and processes. This is the place where newcomers can easily learn how the organization works. More experienced employees can find help for not so often used activities from here.

B: Open discussion channels module, where different kind of discussions can be born, live and archived. People can see all the happenings and off-work related discussions. The best place to make some team building to happen.

C: Business related activities are modeled and processed in their own modules. For example, sales have their own sales funnel process, operations have their own, and marketing has their own events managed in their own place.

Less intranets. More Focus.