Have you noticed how the large corporations are on the news? Because they are laying off thousands of people or how they have completely neglected working conditions in a factory in a third world country. At the same time, you hear that the next cool thing comes from two friends in a garage.

It makes you wonder if it should be the ultimate goal of every successful startup to grow big. And slowly start dying or could they stay agile, flexible and nimble also when they have grown bigger.

We believe that the future belongs to companies that stay relatively small. While controlling a large network of people and companies around them. Because these kinds of organizations are able to react quickly and scale according to the situation extremely fast.

Only a few startups make it big and conquer the world. And hardly any of these manage to keep their speed, agility, and focus that got them to the top in the first place. Gradually, most companies either get phased out by new more innovative players. Or they get picked up by one of the really big ones in their industry.

We believe that the root cause for the companies losing the flexibility.

Because organizations build layers upon layers of what eventually becomes a bureaucracy. That feeds itself further slowing the company down. Mostly this has to do with such a simple thing as the memory of the individuals and their capacity to react and to make decisions. Today this is limited by the tools used in across the company and internal collaboration. Most people are still on e-mail while some are moving to instant messaging solutions. There is nothing wrong with the tools in themselves. But the problem is in how they scale and how they put more and more pressure on the person using them. Think of your own inbox and how it inevitably grows larger and larger at an accelerating pace. 10 000 yearly emails in 2015 with a steady 20% growth rate means you will get over 60 000 e-mails in 10 years time. How can anyone cope with that? The instant messaging solutions are a bit better but still, the amount of communication doesn’t decrease. The nature of the messages changes but the fundamental problem is still there. How many times have you lost concentration because a messaging app keeps beeping when you are trying to focus on something else?

This is the fundamental reason why we believe our mission to put every single message in the right context. And simplify the way people communicate. Will make a huge difference for how people work together in the future and empower the people and companies to stay focused.

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