We here at Hailer believe that if we want to produce the best possible product we need to be fearless. by adopting new and innovative technologies whenever we can. We have done this in the past in switching our cloud services from:

  • Plain PHP to Node.js and Angular
  • iOS application from Objective C to Swift
  • And redefining our whole server architecture from the ground up

Even though these changes meant that our developers had to rewrite large portions of our codebase. They rose up to the challenge and created a product that was infinitely better than the last iteration.

Due to our super-hyper-rapid development practices with our first application. We disregarded things that shouldn't have been disregarded and thus made further development really slow and hard. With Googles Kotlin announcement we decided that it is time to make our product better once more. Our Android application will be built from the ground up in Kotlin. This clean slate is a way for us to get rid of those mistakes. We did with the first application and create the more maintainable and extensible application. With Kotlin's features, we will be able to achieve these goals with an efficiency that just wasn't possible to reach with Java. This means that once we have our Kotlin application in a publishable state. We should be able to push out new features and react to user feedback a lot faster than before.

We will continue to support the old version by releasing bugfixes and incremental optimizations. But our users will have to wait until the release of the new Hailer application to get their hands on new features. Such as:

  • Calendars
  • File
  • Network management
  • And much more

If you are one of the bleeding edge nerds, as many of us here at Hailer is. Or if you want to help us out during our development process you should keep an eye out for our announcement for open alpha and beta!