Fiber Highway Finland Oy is a fast-growing data communication company that provides services for:

  • Design
  • Project management
  • And construction of data communication networks


They have operated in an international environment with global customers. Their offices are located in Porvoo and in Hamina. 

The Fiber Highway team started looking at communication and information sharing software because their volume of operations increased rapidly. They needed to keep track and follow-up their projects in real-time. As their team is scattered between different work sites and the office.

Hailer provided Fiber Highway an easy-to-use and flexible software that allows them to keep their operations organized. The guys working at sites can take pictures and comment on specific project activities. Hence providing transparency throughout the project teams. And letting everyone know what’s going on at any given point during the project. This also lets them share up-to-date information with the client. So they get the latest updates from the work sites from one single source of truth at all times. 

Project information is in one place and everyone knows where to find it. Also the related communication sticks to the right context. Decision making and the progress of the project has become more transparent for the Fiber Highway team. 

Fiber Highway and Hailer collaborates closely and gives a lot of input. And testing of existing and new features to the software. The main goal is to get the whole process from new business leads to after-sales services. And implemented that into Hailer by also inviting key customers to the same environment.

More information about the company’s solutions can be found on

"We recommend Hailer to all small and established businesses where the working process is based on different connected stages." Nataliia Deineha Business Development, Fiber Highway